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Marlin Yacht - Custom Luxury Watercraft - Miami, Florida Marlin Yacht - Custom Luxury Watercraft - Miami, Florida
Marlin Yacht - Custom Luxury Watercraft - Miami, Florida
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Fishing the Northeast can be a Challenge. We must deal with the cooler than tropical temperatures and wind not typically encountered in the southern warmer climates. This can mean sea conditions less than optimal. In addition, we have to hunt and travel considerable distances to the productive
fishing grounds. Marlin Yachts builds a vessel that can handle the Northeast Challenge.

Marlin Yachts builds a true fishing machine. Our Marlin gets us to the fishing grounds FAST and gets us home SAFE. The performance of our boat is like none other in its class We have logged many hours on our 35' Marlin and the performance, stability and seaworthiness has always been impressive to us and our fellow fishing buddies. She's a great looking vessel as well; after four years of fishing our Marlin, we can still expect crowds of envious "lookers" when we are aboard at dockside. Owning our Marlin Yacht has been a truly GREAT experience.

"Back Tooth"
35' Marlin SF
Drs. Ray and Vic Rossi

I, Captain Kirk Howlett, have been fishing the Gulf of Mexico since 1968. I have been a charter captain for 6 years. We have some of the roughest water around. 3 to 5 ft. seas with a lot of chop is no fun to go out in.

I rode in a 35 ft. Marlin in November 1997 in Galveston when a Northern was blowing. Seas were 5 ft. and building when we went out. I expected to get wet and bounced around. The boat was unbelievably smooth and dry. When the boat would break through a 5 ft wave, you expected to hit hard but the Marlin would cut the wave or it would hit and keep going strong. I run boats hard, but the more speed you get the better the ride. It feels like you are on a racehorse and you are holding it back. The Marlin wants more speed.

I left the jetties one day. Everyone likes the new Catamaran Boat. A friend was in his cat and I had a charter going out. It was 5 to 6 ft. seas and we both left at the same time. I was nine miles out and we could not even see the cat. I called him on the radio and he said it was too rough and we never saw him again.

On another fishing trip in May 1999, I did not want to go out. The seas were 8-10 ft but some people from Austin wanted to go. It took about an hour for us to get out 18 miles. We took it slow. We tied up on a rig and let out about 40 ft of rope. I put out 2 tlat lines and rigged the poles for snapper fishing. The night before I had filled a 309 Penn Reel with 50 lb. line. It was hard to stand up in the 8-10 ft seas, but they wanted to fish. They were pretty salty fishermen. We were catching snapper and a fish hit one of the flat lines in back. I picked the rod up anld gave it to a fisherman. He was fighting the fish. I knew it was big but I wasn't sure just how big. The fish pulled 3/4 of the line off the reel. I tightened the drag as much as possible. It stayed behind the boat and it took all the line out.

The fisherman got on back of the boat as far as he could and looked down at the knot on the bottom of the reel. I locked the drag down and told him to reel and reel hard! He got about half of the line back and I told him good luck. The flsh started going to the right side of the boat but it was out to the side. I told him reel hard because if the fish went around to the front ofthe boat we would lose it. The fish took another run almost around to the front of the boat. It was just too rough to get off the rig fast enough with the help I had. I told him to work the fish hard, he turned at the last minute and he brought the fish up to the side of the boat. I got a gaff and when the fish came up. I got another gaff and we got the fish in. It was a 105 lb. Wahoo on a Penn 309 tied off on a Rig with 40 ft. of rope in lO ft. seas.

I would not have gone out that day except I wanted to see what the Marlin would do and I can tell you, I will never own a different boat. Joseph has been a very good man to deal with. He stands behind his boats and I, as a Charter Captain, am glad he built this one. I can go whenever I want in this boat.

Kirk Howlett
Charter Boat Captain

One afternoon this summer while fishing 75 miles offshore, a huge thunderstorm came up. Golfball sized hail, winds over 80 knots and rain so hard that visibility was under 10 ft. in all directions. The noise from the hail was deafing. Waves built instantly from every direction. It was impossible to move from the wheel to the cabin for life jackets. All we could do is hold on.

At one point, I thought about the very real possibility of the boat being thrown end over end. Seas werer as high on the sides and stern as they were forward. It was like a complete "White Out". After a lot of prayers and about an hour later the storm subsided.

We were all thankful and realized what a good feeling we had about the boat. The extra length and weight of the Marlin had kept us afloat. In the worst of the storm, the boat had done exactly what was expected. Thank you Marlin Yacht.

Gil Ellis

Dear Joe,

Just a line to thank you for your courtesy to Chuck Avakian and myself at your plant yesterday.

I was so pleased with both your Marlin line and you personal high level of competence. I have not seen a better boat for our Law Enforcement uses and I look forward to working with you

Best Regards,
Don Allen

Capt. D .P. Allen, Managing Director

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